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IRS Warns of Tax Scams

IRS Warns of Tax Scams in 2014.

The IRS is warning Americans of tax scams. This year identity theft and phone scams top the agency’s “Dirty Dozen” list of worst schemes taxpayers could encounter.

In a news release, the IRS announced Americans could see these scams at any point in the year, but many of the schemes peak during tax season.

“Scams can be sophisticated and take many different forms. We urge people to protect themselves and use caution when viewing emails, receiving phone calls or getting advice on tax issues,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said in a news release.

Below are the top three scams taxpayers should be on the lookout this year. IRS Warns of Tax Scams!

Identity Theft

The IRS said tax fraud through identity theft tops this year’s list. Fraudsters like to get taxpayers Social Security Number and other bits of information. They then use it to fraudulently file a tax return and claim the refund.

The IRS suggests taxpayers be alert to possible identity theft if they receive an IRS notice that states:

More than one tax return for you was filed.
You have a balance due, refund offset or have had collection actions taken against you for a year you did not file a tax return.
IRS records indicated you received wages from an employer unknown to you.
If you believe you were a victim of identity theft the IRS suggests you notify the agency as soon as possible.

Telephone Scams

The IRS said it has seen an increase in local phone scams across the United States. Callers pretned to be from the IRS. The goal is to steal money or identities from victims.

According to the IRS, these scams come in many variations. Some callers will say the victim owes money or is entitled to a larg refund. Others might threaten arrest or driver’s license revocation.

Common characteristics of these scams include:

Scammers use fake names and IRS badge numbers.
Callers might be able to recite the last four digits of a victims Social Security Number.
Con artists may imitate the IRS toll-free number to make it seems like it’s the IRS calling.
Scammers sometimes send falsified IRS emails to victims to support their bogus calls.
False Promises of “Free Money”

It is common for scam artists to pose as tax preparers during tax season. The IRS said scammers lure victims in by promising large federal tax refunds. They use flyers, phony store fronts and word of mouth to attract as many victims as possible. The IRS said these scammers prey on people who do have a filing requirement like low-income individuals and the elderly.

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10 Things H & R Block Won't Tell You

1. H&R Block Won’t Tell You: “We are NOT CPA’s, just data entry workers.”

They charge you so much more than a CPA, but in fact they are just data entry workers who took a simple test through the I.R.S. They are not anymore qualified than anyone else to do your taxes yet they charge a ridiculous fee.

2. H&R Block Won’t Tell You: “We are SO Overcharging You”

They charge ridiculous fee for the actual services they offer. They will actually charge you for each form they fill out. Your costs could be four or more times more than if you used an accountant.

3. H&R Block Won’t Tell You: “Your SSN is not Secure With Us”
Recently they mailed their TaxCut to their unsuspecting previous tax preparation customers. The packages displayed the customers Social Security number (SSN) on the outside of the envelopes. The SSNs were part of a longer string of numbers included on each package’s address label.

4. H&R Block Won’t Tell You: “You Don’t Have to Accept Our Fees”
If you actually go into one of their offices and sit down with an employee, and the go over all of your information, typing it in, and asking questions, and at the end come up with an exorbitant fee for their services….you can say no. You do not have to accept their fee, you don’t have to pay, and you can take your paperwork and leave.

5. H&R Block Won’t Tell You: “We Makes Errors”
Their employees can make the same errors as you on your tax preparation forms. Their errors will end up costing you money, and they will take no responsibility for those errors.

6. H&R Block Won’t Tell You: “Rapid Refund is Not Rapid”
Filing taxes early is the best way to get a quick refund. They have no more pull with the IRS than anyone else in getting a quick refund. Early tax filers will get quick refunds from the IRS and state governments by using Tele-file or an online tax service and having the money directly deposited into a bank account or by having a check sent to their mailing address.

7. H&R Block Won’t Tell You: “Our Refund Application Loan is a Scam”
Their Refund Application Loan that supposedly gets customers their refunds quickly. First, you need to approved for the loan. Second, the money could end up being deposited in the H&R Block account, not in yours. Thirdly, they will then charge you a check fee to get that refund.

8. H&R Block Won’t Tell You: “We Chargee $100 for a Free Service”
They charge $100 and more for electronic filing of even the simplest of tax form, including the E-Z Form.

9. H&R Block Won’t Tell You: “Our Employees are Glorified Data Entry Workers
Their employees can read, talk and type. They have no actual knowledge about tax law than the average person.

10. H&R Block Won’t Tell You: “Despite Complaints and Class Action Suits We are Still Raking in the Cash
This tax preparation service made 3.8 billion dollars in 2002.

Compiled from personal experience, anecdotal information, and actual complaints found on Consumer Affairs web sites. Find a safe, less costly and smarter alternative to H&R Block during tax season.

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